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Chief Wasiu Olusegun Kazeem.  Publisher / CEO
Chief Wasiu Olusegun Kazeem. Publisher / CEO

The Substance Publication seeks to advance the cause of societal harmony by using and promoting Facts and Truth in serving quality information and education offerings to the savvy Nigerian reader. In our reporting, journalism and profiling of public figures, we underscore our belief and philosophy that good governance must be a positive tool in Nigeria’s larger ‘Project of Society’. This is why our carefully selected editorial team and advisors comprise patriotic and free-spirited individuals, whose positive thinking and commitment to a  properly- functioning, fair and united Nigeria, inspire the quality of our work, delivery of our content and style of our presentation.

Concerning social upliftment, it is our collective resolve to use our media reach and creative energy to identify, collate and disseminate tested governance ideas and models, as the basis for the promotion of social, economic and political empowerment in communities across Nigeria and internationally.

In this regard, The Substance is aimed at bringing together stories of human, socio-economic, political and leadership successes and challenges on the Nigerian scene, with best-in-class journalistic colour and spirit, to purvey hope for the better, brighter and more harmonious society of our dream.

The Substance is also a uniquely innovative and reader-friendly magazine intended to burrow
into the more curious and discerning depths of our readers’ minds, to challenge them to better
and more analytically appraise the content, context and intent of the information that they
consume as citizens.

We seek to contribute our quota to the development of the Nigerian, African and global communities. Equally, the promotion of individual curiosity and learning via the platform of media remains a core objective of our publication. Whereas it is said that ‘the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom’, we in The Substance also place the highest premium on the value and development of the human person in all possible ramifications. This publication is our greatest tool in the pursuit of that lofty objective.

Chief Wasiu Olusegun Kazeem. Publisher / CEO

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