'Battlefield V' 64-player battle royale arrives March 25th

As shown in a leaked clip, Firestorm still embodies most of the familiar traits of battle royale games. Once you’ve dropped into the map, you have to scrounge for gear (sorted by different quality levels) and fend off enemies as you’re pushed closer and closer together by the namesake Firestorm. You still have the chance of being revived like in most titles, although you’ll get a Battlefield-style sidearm to fend off people while you’re down.

You won’t get the full Firestorm experience right away. It’ll let you play in four-player squads or by yourself, but duos will have to wait until April. All the same, it’s a big step toward fulfilling the goals DICE and EA set for BFV last year. The timing isn’t all that ideal, though. EA’s other battle royale game, Apex Legends, is still going gangbusters — it may be difficult to reel people into a paid game when Apex offers plenty of thrills for free.

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