In alphabet and in grading, letter “A” is the first and also represents distinction, but I must tell you there are times letter “B” is better and this is one of such times.

Letter “B” just as it is in this case represents Brain and the Best..

On December 27 2014, while in my hotel room in Minna, I got a call from my Oga, Alhaji Moh’d Nma Kolo and he gave me the information that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was in “Oga’s house”.

I was livid, I was enraged and I was barking on the phone that “what does he(GEJ) want? What is he looking for?”

The short speech by General didn’t help matters as it was perceived as an endorsement for GEJ’s re-election.

My phone kept buzzing, and I was inundated with messages on social media too.

A look at my Boss body language said it all to me that “we are not abandoning ship…. We are not aborting mission.

I’ve told some friends of mine that what happened in 2015 was a military coup, plotted by retired Generals and executed by politicians.

You may all be wondering what am I driving at…it’s just a function of time.

When there was a need for this great country to be salvage, rescued and repaired, the Generals met and agreed on who can be trusted with the task and how to go about it.

Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo was the hatchet man and this explains why he was the most vocal and frontal in his actions and views.

Gen. Abdusalam Abubakar played the role of a mediator, more of a rat..the rat which chews at you feet and at the same time blows it so you don’t feel the pains until it’s done and gone.

My Boss, My Principal took upon himself the most difficult task of all, the choice to be the best and the brave. He chose the most difficult role; he was the friend to the enemy, he chose the role to play along as a friend to the enemy of Nigeria and Nigerians.

It was a difficult role to take up as he was subject to series of verbal attacks, aspersions and acerbic.

At every point, I kept asking for clarification if mission has not been aborted cos it was somewhat confusing…he played the role well.

He played it so well that GEJ felt all was well until it was over.

He played it so well that GEJ never had a back up plan or doubted his commitment to his re-election.

He played it so well, and his troop never failed him..

He commanded his troop well and they did a good job..

On this day, I choose to go public with your great selfless sacrifice to the protection and promotion of the sanctity of the sovereignty of this great country of ours…

On this day, on your 74th birthday, I celebrate you my Boss and my Principal..

I celebrate you; Gen Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida(Rtd)…

I’m so proud to be one of your troop…

I remain loyal…

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