Dell says it will power all of its facilities with renewable energy by 2040


On the recycling front, the company says it plans to recycle an “equivalent product” for every device that consumers buy. Dell also claims that by 2030 more than half of its devices will be made from either “recycled or renewable material.” Similarly, the company will make 100 percent of its packaging from reused materials (Samsung made a similar pledge earlier this year).

Vitally, Dell hasn’t said whether it plans to make its devices last longer or more repairable. Companies often like to tout their recycling initiatives, but the reality of the situation is that one of the best ways for electronics manufacturers to help with climate change is to limit how many of their products make it to landfills. Historically, Dell has been one of the better companies in that regard, with a 2017 report finding that the company’s Latitude E5270 was one of the most repairable laptops at the time. But it’s still something of an industry-wide problem.


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