NVIDIA's RTX GPUs give a speed boost to Adobe's AI features

As it does with games, RTX GPUs will also allow Adobe Dimension users to speed up rendering of 3D environments (an example is shown above) that use dynamic lighting, reflections and soft shadows. “We’re also adding interactive ray tracing that will enable artists to render fantastic 3D photorealistic scenes that take their environments to the next level,” said ADobe’s 3D and AR director of engineering, Ross McKegney.

The RTX tricks will also speed up the latest version of Adobe’s Substance Alchemist, a tool that helps artists create realistic textures for 3D objects. That app will take advantage of AI deep learning built into RTX GPUs, NVIDIA notes. “Material creation that used to take an artist hours of painstaking masking and editing to remove lighting can now be done by AI in seconds,” according to Adobe.

Finally, NVIDIA unveiled its latest Studio Driver, promising to boost performance in compatible Creative Cloud apps like Adobe Premiere and After Effects. It’ll also boost other apps like Autodesk Arnold, Cinebench and Redcine-X Pro. The new driver and features for Adobe’s apps are now available.

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