Early hours of June 8 2015, I came up with a post “ISIS NUKE THREAT IS NO THREAT, BUT REAL…BOKO HARAM’S ROLE… “, some shallow minded Nigerians were quick to dismiss it and accused me of desperately seeking relevance and attention..

Now that an ISIS leader was caught heading to Nigeria, I can’t but come forward to say “I’m damn right”

For the first time, I will like to inform you all that I shared the post with a group which I believed is affiliated to the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) of the US Counter Terrorism Advisory Group(CTAG) and here was the acknowledgment I got from them.

“Counter Terrorism Advisory Group – – CTAG

Thanks for sharing your insights and the reading suggestion. Blessings

Jun 11 · Sent from Web” and

“Counter Terrorism Advisory Group – – CTAG

Would love for you to produce some analysis we can print on the site. Please support your information and provide a short bio of yourself. let me know if you need to remain anonymous for security reasons.

Jun 11 · Sent from Web”

This is not a show off, but just to let you know serious minded agency(ies) take things like this seriously.

Once again, I will be coming up with it hoping the relevant agencies will do the needful.

Here is it:


I know this post won’t only catch the attention of the DSS, DMI, but might arouse the curiosity of the CIA Station Chief at Walter Carrighton, Mi-5, Mi-6 and probably the MOSSAD.

Probably for the first time, Nigerians will appreciate the depth of damage Goodluck Ebele Jonathan did to Nigeria and the grave implications of his cluelessness on humanity and global peace.

Sometime in 2014, I came up with a post which I titled “PROF. JAMES BOLARINWA OLOMO: A CASE OF BROKEN ARROW???”, I will bring it up later in the post.

A CIA secret memo dated August 17, 1981 headed “Libya: Covert Airline Operations” stated that the United Airlines was in fact funded by Libyan Intelligence Service and other things.

It was also said that Qaddafi(as it was spelt in the report) was stepping up his plans to get a nuclear weapon.

In December 1980, the Soviets had delivered 11 kilograms of highly enriched uranium (HEU) to the research center outside Libyan capital of Tripoli, at Tajura.

Though it was not enough to fabricate a bomb, it was also believed Libya wouldn’t have enough to do such until 1990 at that rate, though the 11kilograms exceeded what CIA expected the Soviets to deliver at one time.

Now to the interesting part of those reports, other reports showed uranium yellowcake was coming in from Niger, the other Central African country to south of Libya, on the UAA flights.

A July 5, 1981, SECRET intelligence memo from the State Department had been titled “Niger: Libya’s next target,” and made that point convincingly about Qaddafi’s aspirations there.

A West German firm had tested a rocket in Libya, according to another report.

It’s now strongly alleged by the international community that ISIS is/has abducted scientist to help in its production of nuclear weapons.

Though it’s unconfirmed but for the essence of this post and analysis, I want to posit it is confirmed.

Just as the discovery of oil in Chad which borders Borno and abundance of such discovery in the lake Chad Basin, Uranium too is present in Borno and it is said to be of enormous deposit.

When Boko Haram started taking over some towns in Nigeria, I’ve always said this goes beyond “destabilising the administration or government of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan”

To some of us who felt otherwise, we were accused of coming up with wild conjectures, outlandish theories, and dwell so much in the world of conspiracies.

Before I come up with an updated analysis based on the new twist, I shall avail you all the earlier post on Prof. James Bolarinwa Olomo who was declared missing or “kidnapped” as reported.

Here is it;…


Broken arrow is a term in the military used as jargon to refer to an accidental event that involves nuclear weapons or components but does not create the risk of nuclear war. In the US, it is the code name for serious nuclear weapon incident. For the purpose of this post, it will be for the “kidnap” of a Professor of Nuclear Physics of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, and the severity of the US will be the mindset for this post.

Digging deeper into the disappearance , it was revealed that Professor James Bolarinwa Olomo was first kidnapped on July 16, and released on August 16 in 2003, before he was kidnapped again on October 17 2013.

I will come up with an “Intelligence Analysis” of this situation, which brought me to the conclusion that we might just be looking beyond a case of kidnap, we could as well be prepared for a “Broken Arrow” Now to the analysis: When he (Prof. Olomo) was first “kidnapped” in 2003, I did not find any reportage of a/any ransom paid to secure his release.

This laid the foundation for my analysis. In a “thinking outside the box exercise”, I believe it was not just a kidnap that happened in 2003, but more of a recruitment into a plot.

I believe his expertise was needed to achieve a sinister plot to destroy Nigeria, balkanise, and destroy her sovereignty before or by 2015. I believe the “abductors” found a willing ally in the Prof.

I don’t know the Prof’s political ideology, but I can bodly assert for the essence of this post that he is an “Awoist”, one who believe in ethnic supremacy…one who believe in the division of Nigeria along existing geopolitical line.

At this point, I believe the sense of fulfillment to achieve this was overwhelming, and after spending 31 days in captivity, the Prof earned the trust of his “abductors”, and he changed from being a Prisoner to a worthy Partner.

In furtherance of this analysis, something is strange. We are a society where secret can not be kept, privacy is always breached, affluence and wealth is always flaunted in line with an unwritten tradition.

So it doesn’t add up that Prof. Bolarinwa Olomo did not reveal the identity of the Oil Company which employed him as Radiation Safety Adviser, as we speak, we just see “oil company” in reportage.

There was no reported clampdown on Hotel Farlem in Eket, where he lodged, and why Akwa Ibom, a state where you have a staunch supporter of President Jonathan and his re-election bid…Akwa Ibom that was speculated there was a stockpiling of arms towards 2011 general elections?

Till we speak, just like the first “kidnap”, his abductors had not made contact. No arrest has been made…

CONCLUSION: Not unmindful of all these points raised, a report that was credited to an organ or agency of the US that Nigeria will disintegrate in 2015, President Goodluck Jonathan’s desperation to hold on to power, and Asari Dokubo’s growing confidence that Nigeria will be history if President Jonathan does not get re-elected, then it is safe to speculate that;

  1. Prof. James Bolarinwa Olomo is safe, alive, hale and hearty.
  1. That Prof Olomo is working for person/persons who want to destabilize and disintegrate Nigeria.
  1. That the plot will employ the use of nuclear weapon.
  1. That if he was kidnapped from the same region in 2003, and he never expressed apprehension and phobia for that region, then this analysis could be true.
  1. That if truly there is an “oil company”, then the company should be investigated. It is provably a front for a covert or subvert operations.
  1. That we have a “Broken Arrow” and not a kidnap I think

I want the security agencies saddled with the responsibility of resolving this crime should please look and think outside the box..they should look at the unusual suspects..they should probe deeper into financial dealings and records….they should look at his travel pattern after his release in 2003… I am not coming up with this post because I have a fore knowledge, or background knowledge on this issue, not that I am an insider, or an expert in any field…

I’m just one guy thinking outside the box..

Thank you…

God Bless Nigeria.”

I think I was steps ahead of CIA, MOSSAD, KGB, Mi-5, Mi-6 and what have you when in the analysis of the missing professor’s case I said “3. That the plot will employ the use of nuclear weapon.”

Now to an updated analysis:

When towns were been sacked by insurgents, I was of the assertion it was economically motivated annexation to give room for illegal mining of Diamond and Uranium which Borno is believed to richly blessed with in large quantity.

  1. That the nuclear facility and capabilities of Libya due to late Col. Ghaddafi’s ambition is in the hands of ISIS.
  1. That during the occupation of major towns in Borno State, the initial nuclear program against Nigeria was abandoned and upgraded into ISIS “nuclear agenda” and the missing Prof. James Bolarinwa Olomo is involved.
  1. That this formed the public allegiance and negotiation with ISIS by Boko Haram.
  1. That the initial economic agenda of Boko Haram was abandoned when it became apparent change in leadership was imminent in Nigeria and the expected incoming administration of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari(Rtd) would never be part of such plans.
  1. That this formed the renewed interest of Chad and Niger in the war against the insurgency as the group had gone roguish and out of control and now a threat to their country and not limited to Nigeria.
  1. That France and former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan are conscious and unconscious allies in the initial economic agenda.

While France was believed to be behind this in a bid to pull another “Bakassi stunt”, former President Goodluck jonathan was in it for monetary gains and substantial stake in such stunt.

  1. That based on report of French Secret Service, Chad, Niger, and Cameroun are aware of the nuclear agenda of the Boko Haram and ISIS.
  1. That the “Islamphobic” and attacks on muslims and blacks in America is an ISIS agenda to create a conducive environment for an attack on America.
  1. Rather than use radical muslims against the American nation, a massive propaganda was put in place to incite the “whites” and americans against blacks and muslims, thereby making the oppressed(blacks and muslims) willing recruits to carry out ISIS’s agenda on American soil.
  1. China, France, and Russia will rather watch and let this happen and the Cold War is back.


I know there are some loose ends in this analysis, in fact, there are a lot of loose ends, this is just an elementary or initial analysis for experts to build and improve on.

I’m of a strong conviction and belief that ISIS nuclear threat is no threat but real, and Boko Haram had and will have a huge role in it.

God Bless Nigeria…

God heal the world..

PS: support materials of CIA’s activities is from “The Veil” secret wars of the CIA. 1981-1987. A book written by Bob Woodward”

God Bless Nigeria

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