For as long as I can remember, our great country Nigeria had been on the quest of becoming member of the United Nations Security Council, UNSC,

This will give us as a nation the privileges permanent members like are America, Britain, China, France and Russia, a vital one of which is the “Veto Power.”

These countries wield the so-called “veto power”, enabling them to prevent the adoption of any “substantive” draft Council resolution, regardless of the level of international support for the draft.

This power enables those countries do anything no matter the positions nations consider and propose.

At the 68th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, President Jonathan brought to fore Nigeria’s contributions, and foreign policies while holding a non-permanent seat on the Security Council.

He further stated that such should assure and convince the global community the country deserves to be elected to the council.

Also, there is the G4 Nations which consist of Germany, Japan, India and Brazil who are clamouring to become members too as two seats are to be reserved for Africa, where Nigeria is in contention with Egypt and South Africa for the coveted membership.

There are five permanent members, 10 non-permanent member elected by the General Assembly for two-year terms who take turns at holding the presidency of the Security Council on a monthly basis.

Many will be wondering why and how Syria will be the much needed opportunity for Nigeria to obtain the membership?.

Since war broke out in Syria in 2011, more than 80,000 soldiers and pro-government militiamen have been killed since the start of the conflict, and an estimated 300,000 Deaths, 1,200,000 injured and 11,000,000 displaced.

Beyond the battle for the political destiny of Syria, the threat of ISIS is another issue of great importance that has to be resolved for the sake of global peace and stability.

President Bashar al-Assad publicly stated that the Syrian army has been forced to give up some areas in order to retain others in the war against rebels, and that the army is faced with a shortage of soldiers.

The Syrian President also said the army did not have the manpower to defend the entire country, especially as rebel groups were receiving increased support from outside; a veiled reference to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.

In his exact words, “Sometimes, in some circumstances, we are forced to give up areas to move those forces to the areas that we want to hold onto,”.

“We must define the important regions that the armed forces hold onto so it doesn’t allow the collapse of the rest of the areas.”

With Russia and China as known allies of Assad and Syria but who have their hands full. Russia with the Crimea and Ukraine issues, and China locked in territorial battles with Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan, someone has to step into the void, that’s for Nigeria to do.

Overtime we have deployed troops as peace keepers under UN and ECOWAS arrangements in former Yugoslavia, Angola, Rwanda, Lebanon, Somalia, Iran_Iraq, East Timor, Dafur-Sudan, Congo and Sierra Leone and later Mali.

For some foreign operations, Nigerian officers served as chiefs of defence in other countries or Command Officer-in-Charge of military operation.

Some might be quick to counter and rubbish the idea as we have a war to prosecute on our soil. Some might argue that our house is burning, we shouldn’t go putting fire in others’ farms.

As we speak, the United States has refused to sell us arms, we are left with Russia and China, Boko Haram has pledged allegiance to ISIS, and the threat is more real than ever.

Our excuse to snub Britain and US, and curry the favour of Russia and China in a bid to get their votes is helping out the Syrian Army with the much needed manpower to strengthen its military and make-up for the shortage.

We can pull out from ongoing UN peace keeping missions where combat and hostility has wane off and redeploy to Syria.

If and when Nigeria steps into the theatre of war, play a major role in putting an end to the ISIS threat, we will earn the respect, and status of a global player in World Peace and Stability.

This is my opinion, my view, my submission


I’m Adeyemi Owolabi Oriola Ahmed Saka. I’m a yoruba boy, a Christian from Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State.

I’m not from Kogi, nor Kwara state. I’m not from any North Central state, but my northern friends and allies fondly call me a “Northerner from South West”.

My yoruba friends call me “omo ale ile Yoruba” a bastard of yorubaland while some accuse me of selling my birthright to the North for political pittance and patronage.

I know after going through this post and after they’re done, the opinion of me will only further get embolden

Why am I saying all these?

This is to let you all know that my intentions is true, and objective.

I grew up hearing tales of how the North is backward as a region, a region of extreme poverty with high percentage of illiteracy.

Tales of how the region has the largest population of destitute and people living with disability and deformity.

These, and many more are the reasons why many felt the region dominance of military and rulership of this great country of ours unmerited, partial, undeserving, and unjust.

The insurgency and insecurity plaguing the country is seen as a product of the region because it made itself a fertile land for it and a willing army of recruits to enlist in such agenda.

I’ve been to Kwara, Kogi, Plateau, Niger, Gombe, Bauchi, Zamfara, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, F.C.T and Taraba states.

I’ve spent months in some of these states, I know the culture, I know the people.

I can tell you that no region is politically sophisticated and matured as the Northern region.

The leaders know this, and they maximise the potential.

No region is densely populated like the North. They know this and the region brings it to bear at every dispensation.

No region can boast of an informed society like the North. While we in other regions rely on Channels and AIT for our reportage and documentary, a cobbler or Mai shai on the street of Minna, Dukku or Torro has a richer source.

He listens to FRCN, BBC Hausa service, VOA Hausa servive, and VON. He has a balanced and diverse opinion and views to process and choose from.

One thing the Northern leaders had used overtime to manipulate, control, and subject the masses of the North is religion.

They’ve been so indoctrinated that the religion, is supreme…I said religion and not Allah.

The leaders of the northern region are quick to put forward a religious facade to con and enslave the minds of the masses.

Governors build mosques more than they build hospitals. Governor build Arabic schools than schools with western education curriculum.

Trust me, this is no attack on Islam, but a bid to expose the insincerity of the Northern leaders.

I have a friend who is giving her all to get as many kids as she can off the streets. She is giving them a shot at life.

These are what other regions know as almajiri kids. I’m with her on this, and I can tell you that efforts to get the much needed support from government and individuals, especially those who are politically exposed it fruitless and frustrating.

My Northern leaders, I want to let you in on a secret.

I want to let you know you can achieve greater things than you can ever imagine if and when you do the needful.

My Arewa elders, and the new set of leaders as Governors, you can achieve more if you just give to your region a fraction of the level of education Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo gave the west.

I mean Western Education… This is not to say the region is filled with illiterates, I’ve met with some bright and great minds.. Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida(Rtd), Engr. Abdulkadir Kure(former Governor of Niger state) is one intelligent engineer. H.E Engr. Nuhu Gidado the Deputy Governor of Bauchi State, Hon. Farouk bibi Farouk, Senator David Mark, Timawus Mathia, Hajia Saadatu Hamman, A.K. Aminu, a brillant architect, Hauwa Gambo Abdullahi, Senator kanti Bello, Auwal Sani Anwar, Safiya Stephanie Musa and other whose record is enviable.

A classical example is Senator Jubril Aminu, a first class graduate of Medicine from University of Ibadan. His record and feat remains unattainable at U.I.

My leaders, With widespread education which focus is imparting quality education to pave the way for innovations, this will help in the techno-economic development of the region.

Arewa leaders, such educational policy will not only lead to a more knowledgeable region, but also helps in the economic development of the region. Science education should be accorded priority with the government offering various scholarships to students for promotion of innovations besides providing funds for enhancing the infrastructure facilities in educational institutions.

My dear Northern elders, all these must be done keeping in mind the overall development of the region in the longer run.

Skill development is of equal importance to students in the current juncture alongside their academics.

I can assure you all my elders that after embarking and embracing this policy, some few years down the line, the region will be the largest hub of human resources in Nigeria.

Never again will the region be insulted… Never again will the region be described as “desperate to hold on to power..

My elders, with this, the Northern region will be in perpetual control of the destiny of this country.

This is my appeal to you.

This is an appeal from a Northerner from South West.

God Bless Arewa land..

God Bless Nigeria..

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