I will come up with few instances here to drive home my point.

During the build up to the last presidential election, I was so livid at the strategy employed by the campaign team and handlers of President Goodluck Jonathan in which the north as a region was painted in bad light.

Many people down south are wrongly misinformed and disinformed about the Northern Nigeria, its hospitality and culture.

The first instance was some years back while I was in church sharing a testimony, I said “Insha Allah” and everyone cringed, some saw me as a chronic politician. Each time I say insha Allah, which to me is “God willing” my faith is always questioned and taking a cue from GEJ; “I don’t give a damn!”.

Each time I go visit my parents, it’s always a tug of war between my mom and I as I love to sit on the rug, fold my legs and eat.. Trust me, it’s always a war, I’m so stubborn so most times I have my way.

The other instance was in the lobby of the hotel I lodged in Minna during my last visit, the lady who runs the restaurant, who is a christian, and from South-South was on the phone with someone and she kept saying “Insha Allah”, and even called Jesus “Isa”. All I did was just smile at her.

The last is a recent encounter when I took my friend to Garukuwa Hospital in Kaduna. She twisted her leg and I suspected a fracture so I drove her there.

The medical doctor who attended to her is an Ibo guy. His hausa was so fluent that I was envious.

While at the X-ray room, it was so close to the female ward, he came for his round before leaving for home.

He was stopped by a man who was thanking him for his effort and care for her daughter who just put to bed, and in the course of the conversation, he said “Insha Allah” like 5 times in 2 mins.

My anger here is, these are people who will never make attempt to halt the hate campaign or the massive misinformation and blackmail against their host; the north.

I’m not sweeping under the carpet the existence of tribalism, or nepotism, it’s everywhere, but I think it’s rather hypocritical if things are not set in the right and clear perspective.

Maybe…just maybe they allow the misinformation to thrive so that many are discouraged against coming to the North so that they’re not faced with stiff opposition for opportunities which abound here in the North.

The competition is not as stiff as it is the Southern Nigeria, once you’re good at your job, no one stops your progression, no one witch-hunt or victimise you.

Their leaders are accessible here and are not haughty like we have in the south.

If those here can tell their folks the true story, Hausa language in the instances I cited is one of the things we have which can promote peaceful co-existence between the two major religions and among all ethnic nationalities.

God Bless Nigeria

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