William .J. Casey was Ronald Reagan Campaign Chairman for the election which he(Reagan) won to become the President of the United States of America.

John Casey worked for the Office of Strategic Services(OSS)- the CIA’s organisational ancestor during the World War II.

As President-elect, Ronald Reagan put a call to John Casey and made him an offer to be the DCI of the CIA.

Casey appointment was later ratified by the Senate and it will interest you to know that George .W. Bush (Snr) was also a Director of Central Intelligence from January 30 1976- January 20, 1977.

He later became the Vice President to Ronald Reagan from 1981-1989 and later the President of US.

An instance we can all relate with is the appointment of Col. Lateef Kayode Are(Rtd) as the DG of DSS from 1999-2007.

At that time, there was some speculation that Are and Obasanjo’s Owu kinship played a role in Are’s appointment as Director General.

It was also alleged he was a member of the PDP sub committee on Security for the 1999 Presidential election.

Same can be said of Lt. Gen Aliyu Gusua(Rtd) who was made the National Security Adviser after serving on the Security Sub Committee of the PDP for the same presidential elections and as at then was a card carrying member of the PDP.

One thing is clear, Gusua was not appointed as the PDP National Security Adviser, but our nation’s NSA.

Why am I coming with this?

I find it somewhat shallow, irritating, and idiotic the position of both the PDP and APC on the appointment of Mr Lawal Daura as the Ag. DG of the DSS.

The APC’s position and response as issued by its Publicity Secretary Lai Muhammed, which stated; “the PDP should publish any evidence it may have to confirm the allegation and in the absence of that, publicly apologise to all Nigerians for making such allegation.

”We know that the party has been badly affected by its loss of power at the centre. Even the party itself has admitted that much,’’

To which PDP’s response was;

“It is on record that he (Daura) was, although he is related to the president personally, the head of the Intelligence unit of the APC and a member of the APC,”

To further prove its case, the PDP released photographs of Daura with other members of the APC Directorate of Security when they paid a courtesy call on Buhari after he won the presidential election.

It also produced a roster showing Daura’s name, alongside others, under the Directorate of Security”

If Lai Muhammed and APC are well informed, there was no need for such lame and intellectually offensive denial.

If PDP and Olisa Metuh are serious minded, the crying over Daura’s appointment is a needless cry and amount to lack of basic intelligence and seriousness in its activities as an opposition.

But one thing is clear, both parties lack depth in history of national and global political issues.

While Lai Muhammed and the APC has a huge knowledge gap on issues and much needed depth required for taking up and defending issues of national importance, Olisa Metuh and the PDP is obviously suffering from memory loss and chronic stupidity in playing and living up to its new role as a vibrant opposition..

You look at both sides… I look at both sides and all I can say is “What a mess!!”

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