What is CompTIA A+ 220-901 Exam and Its Importance

The CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam includes hardware and its peripheral of a computer, hardware of mobile devices, troubleshooting hardware, networking hardware and issues related to network connectivity. CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam finds huge application in small as well as large size IT firms all around the globe. The candidates who have cleared this exam experiences high demand. The managers of IT companies hire individuals not just hire candidates having good experience and knowledge on this but also prefer A+ certified professionals.

The candidates appearing for this exam require 675 marks on the scale of 900 to pass the test. The aspirants must train themselves before registering for the CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam. Once prepared they can schedule their test with any authorized exam center.

The CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam is basically for the entry-level associates. The professionals who want to grow in the field of desktop support technician must consider grabbing a pass in CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam. The candidates who take part in this course are trained on troubleshooting, networking, maintenance, installation, and security. On top of this candidates are more likely to get trained in customer relations and communication skills. An individual who manages to pass the exam are certified to be focused on multiple areas. This certification is vendor-neutral that deal in Windows server installation and server configuration.

A+ (Plus) Certification | CompTIA IT Certifications

CompTIA A+ is the entry-level certification for those looking to begin or boost their career in IT.

The importance of the CompTIA A+ certification

  1. The candidates can configure, assess and sustain hardware components of the computer and the operating systems, alleviates and evaluates risk, select technologies and analyze them, choose network design which is suitable and also resolve all IT problems.
  2. This CompTIA A+ certification will offer individual hands-on training and make sure to provide an ample amount of knowledge and help in gaining experience. Moreover, it will provide a competitive head in the IT industry.
  3. A professional in the IT field who possesses CompTIA A+ certification will always top the list and will be the recruiter’s first choice. They are in high demand in the industry. The best part of this certification is an aspirant can study and complete the certification program over the internet through online courses. The candidate can do it from home or any place where they feel comfortable. The practice courses for this certification is often offered free of cost. The certification course is offered in levels like entry level, expert level, associate level, and professional level.
  4. Achieving certification helps the candidate to gain industry recognition which in turn will help the individuals to grab a better job. The authorization of the CompTIA A+ certification is nationally accepted and provides recognition for the individual in any industry within the IT infrastructure. The maximum number of IT companies is searching for candidates who are CompTIA A+ certified. The certification is the proof of skills and knowledge possessed by the professionals.
  5. The certified candidate is recognized by the IT firms due to the possession of their skills in the field of hardware and software. The chances of getting a high paid job increase to a great extent. The individuals possessing the CompTIA A+ certification are always in demand throughout the sector and the marketplace.
  6. An assurance tag for quality is auto-embedded beside the names of the certified individuals and is one of the greatest proofs for their professional success. The preparation for the certification course can be done from home simply by collecting all online and offline resources which can be time-saving and can save a lot of extra costs that are related to attending sessions and training classes. This adds on to a major advantage for the aspirants. The courses for CompTIA A+ certification are relatively cheaper compared to other relevant certification courses in the sector through which aspirants get certified.
  7. The duration of training for the certification is less which provides the individual aspirants with adequate time to do the preparations on their own.
  8. This course is competent and can be paralleled with any other similar degree course programs in the information technology sector.
  9. By preparing for the certification course, an individual can especially emphasize on their strengths and weaknesses by concentrating on a particular field and aspect which they desire rather than having to study huge pool of subjects and aspects which can gradually decrease the interest levels.
  10. The certification courses are not limited for any individual as there is no restriction to age groups for appearing in the CompTIA A+ certification exam along with no bar for gender, and background.
  11. The CompTIA A+ certification exam can be passed by any individual throughout the world at any time that they desire. There are no restrictions of any form for any aspirant from appearing in the exam. Starting from the age of sixteen and ranging up to 60, any desiring aspirant can actively appear for the certification exam and avail the associated options of the exam to get certified.

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Final Words
CompTIA A+ certification is vital and essential for professionals in the IT industry as it helps to boost the career. The resume of a certified professional is more likely to be viewed and accepted by a recruiter than the professionals who are uncertified. It helps professionals to accomplish their dreams and move ahead in the Information technology industry. There are different test dumps available both online and offline. The aspirants can join the courses or practice from the practice sets to crack the CompTIA A+ certification exam. These guides assist the aspiring candidates to pass the exam. The passing rate is more among candidates who follow these practice sets. The candidates who want to pass the exam must gather complete knowledge about the exam structure, question pattern and topics before appearing for the exam. This will help them in passing the exam at the first chance.

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